"Busy ballroom but not dark"
by Philip Herbert for remotegoat on 01/06/14

It was a very busy Bloomsbury ballroom . People had made the effort and dressed up , most women in corsets and fishnets , most men in top hat and tails . There were some exceptions as the odd sad face clown or cross - dresser slipped in . The music was excellent throughout keeping the dancefloor full and even throbbing from time to time . Likewise the visual effects of huge circus themed slides and a few risque images too shone brightly and added atmosphere . It was all very good but never great , never more than just ok.

The dark sinister edge which I think was supposed to be seen in the acts never really happened . We had an amazing pole dancer doing things astride the pole high in the air , we had a cigar smoking fire eater who had the audience in the palm of her hand , a lady with a snake who worked very close to us and a lad balancing and bending in all directions from a trio of supports . All very good - all very strong - but did it add up to anything approaching ' a dark circus ' - I think not . The lack lustre compere introduced via his megaphone and it seemed could not wait to get off back to the dressing room .

It was mostly a cocktail offering , no wine for sale but beer was available too for the lower classes . Quite a 'posh ' well to do crowd who as the evening went on became more pushy and falling over from left right and centre . For me the highlights were the woman in a pvc catsuit , the old tranny in an incredibly short red dress and a clown with two girls on strings . All done in the best possible taste -I am sure people thought they were having a good time but I wonder just how 'dark' this dark circus was .

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