"This kitchen hot keep out"
by Philip Herbert for remotegoat on 24/05/14

If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen ! This is a hot house of a kitchen with constant demands for soup ( that turns out to be sour ) , there are never enough chickens and even a plain omlette cannot satisfy .
This deep , dark and emotionally strained play takes some watching but Mitch Mitchelson as director serves up the dishes well and this highly talented band of graduate actors perform with haste and conviction throughout .
Some of the most successful moments are when the mania becomes musical and physicality takes over - as illustrated by the mock ballet section - at a quiet moment - or when the pots and pans become an orchestra banging out the rhythms and dancing to it too . All the young and convincing performers 'give their all ' throughout - so it would be unfair to single out and name names but even the little waitresses with their occasional one liners shine ;' Two veal cutlets , a plain omlette and a ham salad' rang true .
This is is world of workers from around the world , all with their dreams and hopes and fears . Blood , sweat and tears ( and even a nasty scolding incident ) prove that the posh front of house never REALLY knows what is going on 'backstage' . It will certainly make me think next time I place an order in a London restaurant . Well done one and all .

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