About Lazarus Theatre
Lazarus Theatre Company, a company truly committed to investigating, reimagining and retelling classic stories for a contemporary audience.

Lazarus Season 2015 began with Jacobean thriller, The Revenger’s Tragedy. The production marked Middleton’s Lazarus debut and our return to The Jack Studio Theatre after our productions of Iphigenia in Aulis in 2012 and The Merchant of Venice in 2013.

We continue the year with The Summer of Empire; a season of two explosive plays examining the truth of war, the glory of leadership and the legacy of empire.

The Summer of Empire, a season comprising of William Shakespeare’s King Henry V and Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great in fresh, bold and radical new productions.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Summer of Empire.
Ricky Dukes
Ricky Dukes
Artistic Director