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Berlin 1928 - 10 years after the murder of the Tsar and his family at Ekaterinburg and rumours are circulating among the Russian exiles that one of the Tsar's children survived the firing squad. Taking advantage of this collective hope, three businessmen plot to gain access to the Tsar's millions by passing off a disturbed girl as that survivor. The girl is a fast learner, she makes a convincing Anastasia Nikolaevna, they just have to fool the Tsar's mother - The Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna - and the money will be theirs.

The Conspirators
Andrew Byron
Thomas Garvey
Julian Caddy
The Girl Ilona Bou-Habib
Journalist Andrew Lukas
Lady in Waiting Alix Middleton
Washer Woman Katy Bartrop
Sailor Cy Biggs
Chamberlain Morris Perry
Prince James Lomax
Dowager Empress Eileen Nicholas
The Workman Jed Aukin
Maid Lizeth Ribo


DirectorKate Sellers DesignerAdrienne Carlile Lighting Design James BaggaleySound DesignPeter Sunnegren
People involved
Jed Aukin
The workman
Cy Biggs
The Sailor
Ilona Bou-Habib
The Girl

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