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Adapted by Peter Hall
With Lyrics by Adrian Mitchell and Music by Richard Peaslee

George Orwell received widespread public acclaim for the political allegory "Animal Farm". Peter Hall's adaptation of the novel for stage stays largely faithful to the book and manages to be fresh and funny whilst remaining true to the savagery of George Orwell's satirical novel. Through script and song the play illuminates perfectly the succession of steps through which, by persuasion, lies, force and propaganda, some of the animals become "more equal than others" !

The play follows a farmyard full of animals who play the roles of Bolshevik revolutionaries and manage to overthrow their farmer. Whilst the animals agree to run the farm in a communist fashion where all animals are equal, things soon begin to go wrong as the pigs start to become the dominant species. Orwell explores the idea that a Utopian society is made impossible due to the wickedness of human nature and their desire for power. The Palace Youth Theatre can promise you a very exciting opportunity to experience a youthful perspective of a classic text.

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