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'MEN OF MONSTERS' - a fantastic new play from Matt Borgatti.

In the second half of the twentieth century, when countries were scared of atom bombs, Hollywood told stories about the Apocalypse. Some of them had big monsters who could wipe out cities with one paw. During the making of one such film, "Godzilla vs. King Kong", the egos of the men inside the costumes proved to be just as destructive as the Cuban Missile Crisis never was.

This exciting and hilarious new production will be performed at The Hen & Chickens Theatre, Islington London. (opposite Highbury & Islington tube station)
'Men of Monsters' is on from the 24th March to 11th April (7.15 pm Tues - Sat plus a 3 pm matinee on Saturdays)

The Cast:
Brian - Duncan Thomas
Claire - Natalie Imlay
George - Stephen Connery-Brown
Hauro - Jeremy Tiang
Willis - Adrian Lloyd
Mick - Sam Donnelly
Sally - Holly Walters

Director - James Blakey
Written by - Matt Borgatti
Official Review by Maddy Ryle, read now
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