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Developed with the help of psychologists and mental health advocates, 'Dinosaur Dreams' is a visceral insight into the mind of someone grappling with a fractured past.

The story follows Charlie, a film student who, after what is determined as a 'psychotic episode', gets hospitalised. As we step into a world of therapy, medication and daytime TV, Charlie must find a way to cope.

Entertaining as well as darkly engaging and ultimately moving, the play aims to humanise mental health and prevent stigma.

Audience Reaction

“Thought provoking, challenging, yet entertaining. Superb.”
Geraint Johnes, Professor of Economics at Lancaster University.

“Massive props and respect to all involved in Dinosaur Dreams. There is so much average theatre saying nothing that it was refreshing and engaging to watch.”
Sope Dirisu, Actor (Humans, Channel 4).

“Just seen Dinosaur Dreams for the 2nd time tonight, inspiring!”
Diana Dimitrovici, Actress (Criminal, Off the Kings Road).


28th June - 2nd July @ 7:30pm

3rd July - 10th July @ 6:30pm
Official Review by Rachel Knightley, read now
People involved
Nigel Fyfe
Dr Bailey
Leigh-Anne Gilbert
Louise Lingwood

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