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** The Dragon **
Written and devised by the cast of Lost Cause.

'If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion.' Noam Chomsky

The city of Lasia is beseiged by a nightmarish dragon, and ruled over with an iron fist by a charismatic leader and his army. Few in the city, if any, have seen the foul beast with their own eyes, all fear it. As each full moon draws near the monster demands a blood sacrifice, a bitter penalty that tears at the collective soul of the cityfolk. However, as the time of the next sacrifice approaches, a hero miraculously appears. But who is this hero? And what kind of person would be brave or foolish enough to challenge the might of the dragon? It would seem that all is not as it first appeared in the beleaguered city...

This emergent work is a modern retelling of the George & The Dragon myth and is a story of greed, apathy, corruption and human redemption told through words, music and movement and featuring simple, bold staging and props.

Ensemble & Crew:
Kester Hynds
Julia Masli
Marco Nanetti
Carolin Ott
Daniele Ridolfi
Anja Bibby
Charlie Cattrall
Yiannis Katsaris
Kumi Watanabe

7.30pm (doors 7pm) - Fri 12th / Sat 13th / Sun 14th September
Tickets: £6 in advance from http://ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk


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Lost Cause
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Kester Hynds
Julia Masli
Marco Nanetti

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