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The London Theatre proudly presents "Joy Division", the overlooked story of the women forced into sexual slavery in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

In the 70s and early 80s, the well-known Manchester band "Joy Division" took their name from events that had nothing to do with joy: brothels in Nazi labour camps during World War II. During 1942 and 1945, thousands of women, mainly from Germany, Poland and the Ukraine, were kept in concentration camps purely for the enjoyment of German officers and guards. The vast majority were imprisoned for "anti-social" behaviour -- a crime arbitrarily defined under Hitler to include prostitutes but also beggars, the unemployed and those with suspect political ties or relationships with Jews.

Known as "Feld Hure" (Field Whores), these young women underwent daily "enjoyment duty" where three bad reports were met with brutal levels of punishment. In such dire circumstances, can human beings still retain their humanity, or does survival at any cost become the ultimate goal?

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Rachael Dalton-Deverell
Cristina Haraba
Annabel Monroe Jones

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