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African Snow tells the story of the meeting of two men; the English sailor, John Newton, is well-known as the converted slave-trader who gave the world its most famous hymn, 'Amazing Grace'. But, as one might expect from the quiet racism of the history books, less prominence is given to Olaudah Equiano, whose extraordinary story has been confined to a footnote or totally ignored for so long. Equiano's ascent from the hell of a slave ship to become the leading black voice in the British abolition campaign is one of the most compelling and moving stories of any era. Both survived to write remarkable accounts of their experiences and were urged by Yorkshire MP, William Wilberforce to testify before parliament in the eighteenth century campaign for abolition. Together, Equiano and Newton seem to Wilberforce to provide the most cogent argument in winning the political battle. Bringing them face to face, however, is perhaps beyond the scope of human reason. Can victim and abuser ever be reconciled? African Snow takes us to the heart of the human condition, to the place where two men are compelled to confront each other.

March 25 2007 marks the bicentenary of the Act, passed in the House of Commons, abolishing the Trade in African Slaves. But 1807 was one victory in a battle that has intensified. In 1807 there were 4 million slaves worldwide… today there are over 20 million.

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