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A production of the 1980's masterpiece ROAD by Jim Cartwright.
Produced by the Argus Angel Winning Brighton Theatre Collective and directed by Julian Kerridge the show will run for 26 performances during Brighton Festival Fringe May 2013.

It is 1987 Margaret Thatcher has just been re-elected for a third term bringing with her the hugely unpopular community charge. Unemployment rises above three million again. Race riots break out in Leeds. On Black Monday the Wall St. Crash leads to 50 Million being wiped off the London stock exchange. For the first time Acid house raves are held in the uk.

At the Royal Court Theatre in London a brutal eloquent, angry play about life in a row of terraced houses in Lancashire is taking audiences and critics by storm.

Voted Third best play of the decade - Time Out
Voted in the top fifty plays of all time National Theatre
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Kate Adler
Janice Cramer
Janette Eddisford

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