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There is something in your past - it does not matter what - that will catch up with you.

Though you may go to the ends of the earth, hide yourself in the most obscure lodgings in the least popular of towns, one day there is the possibility that two men will appear. They will be looking for you and you cannot get away.

It is best to tell jokes, to bang a drum, to play blind man's buff - anything to distract from fate's inexorable approach.

Happy Birthday, dear Stanley.

Widely slated on its premiere, now considered a classic, The Birthday Party is a masterful demonstration of Pinter's ability to create terror in even the most innocent-seeming domestic settings - here, a run-down B&B in a down-at-heel seaside town. Likened to the works of Becket and Ionesco, peopled with unforgettable characters, and variously labelled 'avant-garde' and 'theatre of cruelty', vain attempts to pigeonhole The Birthday Party have necessitated the coining of a new word: pinteresque.

Come and find out why.
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Jo Kelly in Liverpool Echo
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Ed Barrett
John Campbell
Reg Edwards

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