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Named after the colourful 15th century Italian family who stood as head of the Vatican state and led a very influential, luxurious and also scandalous lifestyle Borjia emanates opulence, aura, charisma, and charm in one of the most jaw dropping buildings around.

The Borjia, also known as the Borjias or Borgias, were a European Papal family of Italian and Spanish origin. The name stems from the familial fief seat of Borja belonging to Aragonese Lords.

The Borjias became prominent during the Renaissance and were patrons of the arts. Their support allowed many artists of the time to realise their potential. Many of the most brilliant personalities of the era regularly visited their court.

We are here to ignite all of your senses with the most stunning Bar/restaurant for many a mile, first of all your eyes will be dazzled, your smell aroused and your hearing enhanced, this place is special and that's before you have even tried our cocktail menu.

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