Address Derry’s Cross
Tel 01752 225553
Website website
Capacity 582
Tags Venue Type, Cinema / Screening

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The Reel Plymouth a traditional high street cinema, situated in the heart of Plymouth city centre, with easy access to public transport and a host of restaurants, bars and clubs.

We have 3 screens; Screen 1 is the largest cinema auditorium in Plymouth with 582 seats. Digital DTS Sound System is available in Screen 1 and Dolby Stereo in Screens 2 & 3.

The cinema also caters for Birthday Parties, themed evenings and private hire, all at affordable prices.

Come along & visit the Reel Cinema Plymouth and witness real cinema entertainment!

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Upcoming film screenings
Thu 12th Feb13:30
Fri 30th Jan13:00 15:30 18:00 20:30
Sat 31st Jan10:30 13:00 15:30 18:00 20:30
Sun 1st Feb10:30 13:00 15:30 18:00 20:30
Mon 2nd Feb13:00 15:30 18:00 20:30
Tue 3rd Feb13:00 15:30 18:00 20:30
Wed 4th Feb13:00 15:30 18:00 20:30
Thu 5th Feb13:00 15:30 18:00 20:30
Fri 30th Jan20:20
Sat 31st Jan20:20
Sun 1st Feb20:20
Mon 2nd Feb20:20
Tue 3rd Feb20:20
Wed 4th Feb20:20
Thu 5th Feb20:20
Fri 13th Feb14:50 17:40 20:30
Sat 14th Feb11:00 14:50 17:40 20:30
Sun 15th Feb11:00 14:50 17:40 20:30
Mon 16th Feb11:00 14:50 17:40 20:30
Tue 17th Feb11:00 14:50 17:40 20:30
Wed 18th Feb11:00 14:50 17:40 20:30
Thu 19th Feb11:00 14:50 17:40 20:30
Fri 30th Jan14:20 17:10 20:00
Sat 31st Jan14:20 17:10 20:00
Sun 1st Feb14:20 17:10 20:00
Mon 2nd Feb14:20 17:10 20:00
Tue 3rd Feb14:20 17:10 20:00
Wed 4th Feb14:20 17:10 20:00
Thu 5th Feb14:20 17:10 20:00
Fri 30th Jan13:00
Sat 31st Jan13:00
Sun 1st Feb13:00
Mon 2nd Feb13:00
Tue 3rd Feb13:00
Wed 4th Feb13:00
Thu 5th Feb13:00
Thu 12th Feb15:40
Sat 31st Jan12:10
Sun 1st Feb12:10
Thu 12th Feb16:20
Fri 30th Jan15:20
Sat 31st Jan15:20
Sun 1st Feb15:20
Mon 2nd Feb15:20
Tue 3rd Feb15:20
Wed 4th Feb15:20
Thu 5th Feb15:20
Thu 12th Feb15:50 18:20 20:50
Sat 31st Jan10:50
Sun 1st Feb10:50
Thu 12th Feb13:15
Thu 12th Feb18:30 20:45
Fri 30th Jan17:40
Sat 31st Jan17:40
Sun 1st Feb17:40
Mon 2nd Feb17:40
Tue 3rd Feb17:40
Wed 4th Feb17:40
Thu 5th Feb17:40
Thu 12th Feb13:00 17:50 20:30
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