"Joyful smuggling adventure with goblins"
by Arthur Duncan for remotegoat on 12/11/09

Everyone keen on theatre will enjoy Angel Exit's adaptation of this smugglers' yarn, set on the rugged coast of South West England. From recycled driftwood, sailcloth, flotsam & jetsum off the beach, they create a village, a church, a tavern, a cavern and even foreign countries.

These five athletic performers appear first as sea-dwelling goblins, brought ashore. They steer the story rapidly, through many adventures, miraculously morphing, flowing like liquid into many forms. They even emulate swelling waves and threaten to swamp the audience under a human stormy sea. But each performer also plays a human character or two.

Atmospheric music, eerie and haunting, bathe the senses as action transforms from thrilling to chaotic comedy, into sensual ballet or simply, enthralling story. Scenes are changed magically before our twinkling eyes and clever invention uses every article on the stage in many delightful ways. Music suited to the moods of scenes is heard and augmented by surprising sounds from electronic effects and also, from the performers' mouths.

Images of the seashore resound with surging, rattling pebbles under booming breakers while echoing droplets, plip and plop in the gloomy cave; just one of the scenes where the young hero dares his life to find Pirate Blackbeard's long lost diamond, and become rich enough to marry his true love.

Angel Exit are excellent Physical Theatre practitioners and truly fine artists, delivering a high quality, uplifting experience as only the best live performance can. Minehead theatregoers will be delighted to share their own Regal stage with such a talented company; share the joy

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