"A hilarious, unusual Sci-Fi excursion"
by Tessa Hart for remotegoat on 01/08/13

With Pilgrim Shadow, ManMoth Production brings some exciting and hilarious science fiction to the theatre. The production written and directed by Steve Jordan, set in a space ship sometime in the distant future brilliantly presents this genre on stage.

Two criminals Tyler (Cliff Chapman) and Gary (Adam Joselyn) escape in the old ruin of a spaceship which Gary claims to be the Pilgrim, the former ship of a legendary space pirate. Although Tyler doubts this, due to the pathetically bad state of the ship, the two are soon off on a space adventure, hunting treasure, fleeing from their persecutors and travelling at light-speed.

The production largely lives of the charming opposition of its two lead characters: the annoyingly over-optimistic and silly Gary as well as the endlessly pessimistic and bad-tempered Tyler. The relationship of the two is located somewhere between friendship, animosity and simply having to stick together in order to survive; the snappy interactions between Chapman and Joselyn bring a great atmosphere to the play. (The only down-side really was that some of the voice-overs had such distorted voices that they became partially impossible to understand, but I shall forgive them.)

Pilgrim Shadow is a quite silly, the jokes often over the top; however, the play pretty much humours itself by testing how far all of this can be pushed. It seems a bit like a parody of a futuristic sci-fi blockbuster crammed into a 60 minute stage play and somehow this is achieved with rather a lot of brilliance!

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