FAQs: Events

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Why should I use remotegoat to list my event?

Listing on remotegoat.com is easy to use and once listed, your event will automatically appear on all our partner sites and any websites or blogs which pull feeds from our server... plus it's absolutely free!

How do I add an event?

To add an event simply click the Events add new event link displayed on the right hand side of any page.

My event is duplicated... what do I do?

If the same event appears more than once email us.

Do I need to log in to search for events?

You can search and find booking information without signing in to remotegoat.com.

Where do all the listed events come from?

The events listed on remotegoat.com come from you, our users.

What does it cost to add an event?

There are no costs associated with listing your events on remotegoat.com. This site is entirely free.

Why can't I delete an event?

Only the team at remotegoat.com can delete events. To withdraw an event please email us.