FAQs: Cinema XML Feeds

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Include Your Screenings with XML

Providing us with an XML feed is by far the fastest way to get film times added to remotegoat.

We will access your XML file once per day to check for new screenings. Whether you have a few new screenings or thousands per day we will only need to access a single file.

Please tell us once your feed is ready to go live or if you have any questions regarding the feed creation.

If you have an existing file format you already use, it is likely we can accommodate that. We can accept almost all existing screenings file formats. If not, here is an example of our preferred XML format, the associated definitions and an example file to get you started:

Once you have made an XML feed available, please alert our admin team.

Our Preferred XML Structure

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Example xml file

Within the <FilmList> tag you may list as many <Films> as you like, each film should be stored in a seperate <Film> tag.

Within each <Film> tag you may list as many <ViewTimeList> as you like, each Film screening time and date combination will require a seperate <ViewTimeList> tag.

We suggest you list all future screenings at your venue, please note remotegoat does not display past screenings, so for simplicity we ask you only list future screenings.

XML Definitions

Film Name, required
The title of the film.
i.e. Withnail and I

Film Classification, optional
The UK film classification, PG, 12, 15 or 18.
i.e. The classification for Withail and I is 15

IMDB Number, optional
IMDB Numbers are unique to each film and help us ensure we can provide reviews, pictures and a summary for your screenings.
The IMDB Number of a film can be extracted from the IMDB url of the film.
i.e. The IMDB url for Withail and I is http://www.imdb.com/title/tt94336 so the IMDB Number is 94336

hh:ii Time, required
The time at which your screenings starts, hh indicated the hour (24 hour format) whilst ii indicated the minutes.
i.e. ".date('H:i'));

yyyy-mm-dd Date, required
The date on which this screenings is happening, YYYY is the year, MM the month and DD the day
i.e. ".date('Y-m-d'));

Ticket Booking Url, optional
Visitors to remotegoat viewing film times can be directed directly to your online booking system.
Add a booking url to direct the user directly to a page where they can buy tickets for this specified performance.