Address2 Shepperton Road
N1 3DT
Tel020 7704 6665
Tags Pub / Bar Theatre

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Theatre with raked seating, stage space approx. 6m sq. adjoining rehearsal room same size available for rent. Non funded but owned by same partnership as the pub downstairs. Great atmosphere. Eclectic programme of classics, opera, new writing, musicals, cabaret. Two in house productions per year, several co productions and the rest rentals. Originally a music hall, current management has run it for the last 16 years. Lots of goodwill and regulars, thriving network.

On the corner of Southgate road, Baring Street and Shepperton Rd. N1 Buses 76 and 141 go past the door from Old Street and Moorgate tubes. 76 from The Aldwych and 141 from London Bridge. 271 Bus goes very close down New North Road from Highbury and Islington Station. Free parking after 6.30, cul de sac for unloading right outside.

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