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The Vaults is a multi-disciplinary arts space located in London, in the underground world of Waterloo station.

It is a place to be lost, a place to escape. The Vaults is an excellent movie that you have been swallowed by.

The space features 30,000 sqft of accessible, flexible and delectable Victorian brickwork fused with abandoned 70s office space.

- 1000 total capacity
- 8 arches of varying size, style and dimensions

- 30,000 sq/ft floor space

- 3 phase power in each arch

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Past & future events
Mar 2020 Head Of State No reviews
Mar 2020 Two Super Super Hot Men No reviews
Mar 2020 Pigeons on L'edge No reviews
Mar 2020 Sisterson Foods No reviews
Mar 2020 Freedom Hi 自 No reviews
Mar 2020 Little Boxes 1 Review
Mar 2020 Giving up Marty No reviews
Mar 2020 Freedom Hi No reviews
Mar 2020 Bin Juice No reviews
Mar 2020 When We Died No reviews
Mar 2020 Sugar Coat No reviews
Mar 2020 (Wo)men Rule Broadway - West End Edition No reviews
Mar 2020 Sam Nicoresti: UFO No reviews
Mar 2020 RIDE - a new musical No reviews
Mar 2020 V&v No reviews
Feb 2020 Bitches In The Ford KA No reviews
Feb 2020 The Sian Clarke Experience No reviews
Feb 2020 The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen at Vault Festival No reviews
Feb 2020 Aamira and Gad: A Story of Hope in Conflict No reviews
Feb 2020 Essence at VAULT Festival No reviews

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