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The Africa Centre is undergoing a period of major redevelopment and change. Cultural development consultancy, Business of Culture, have been appointed interim managers to pilot the Centre through this transition from the old into the new. Working side by side with the Management Council and the Chair, Oliver Tunde Andrews, managers from Business of Culture will oversee the day to day operations and overall development of the Africa Centre.

The governance structure has been reinforced and a series of committees and panels have been set up to steer all the different branches of the Africa Centre's redevelopment.

A Project Development Committee, made up of Management Council Members and specialist advisers is chaired by Wayne Callender and co-manages the Capital Project alongside a leading team of professionals. The latter includes Capital Project Managers Malcolm Reading Consultants and a Feasibility Study Team led by the award winning Ash Sakula Architects.

Parallel to this, an Arts and Culture Advisory Panel (ACAP) has been established to help devise a clear programming vision and an efficient cultural strategy for the future. At 38 King Street, the core offices have been concentrated on one floor with a skeletal staff. Archiving and storage of important, historical documents and artefacts will commence soon. The shop is currently being used by the Charities Advisory Trust.

You can view the overall organisational structure of the Africa Centre on our organi-gram (organisational diagram) which explains all current roles and responsibilities.

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