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The stadium has a circumference of 1 km
There are 107 steps in the trophy presentation route - the old stadium had 39 steps
The new Wembley encloses 4,000,000 m3 inside its walls and under its roof. This is the equivalent of 25,000 double-decker buses or 7 billion pints of milk
The deepest of the piles that form the foundations, at 35 metres, is as deep as the Twin Towers were tall
The new pitch is four metres lower than the previous pitch
Each of the two giant screens in new stadium is the size of 600 domestic television sets
The total length of the escalators is the same as a 400 metre running track

The seats
The stadium has 90,000 seats with NO obstructed views
The rows of seating, if placed end to end, would stretch 54 kilometers
There is more leg room in every seat in Wembley Stadium than there was in the Royal Box of the old stadium
The seats are spread over three tiers: lower 34,303, middle 16,532 and upper 39,165

The arch
The arch is 133 metres above the level of the external concourse
With a span of 315 metres, the arch is the longest single span roof structure in the world
With a diameter of 7.4 metres the arch is wide enough for a Channel Tunnel train to run through
A representative from every county in England was involved in the construction of the arch
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The roof
The stadium roof rises to 52 metres above the pitch. This compares to the 35 metres tall Twin Towers of the old stadium
The roof is over 11 acres, of which four of the acres are retractable

The soft drink dispensers can pour 30,000 cups in a little over 10 minutes
Approximately 40,000 pints of beer can be served during half time in a football/rugby league match

Almost 40,000 people come through Wembley Park station on an event day
100 trains an hour will go through the three Wembley stations servicing the Stadium

How many…?
90,000 seats
310 wheelchair spaces
400 press seats

34 bars
8 restaurants
98 kitchens
688 food and drink service points
10,500 seated covers on an event day

2,618 toilets
47 retail units (programmes, merchandise, betting)
164 turnstiles
26 lifts
30 escalators

Rail and Tube The stadium is serviced by three stations and five underground/overground lines. Wembley Park station, is on both the Jubilee and Metropolitan underground lines. On exiting the station, follow the pedestrian route under Empire Way and up Olympic Way to the front of the Stadium. Allow for 10 minutes’ walk. Wembley Stadium station is on the Chiltern train line. The Chiltern line travels from the Midlands, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. London trains on this line depart from Marylebone station. The station is on the south side of the Stadium. If arriving by train from London Marylebone station cross the tracks using the White Horse bridge. If arriving from the north, take the ramp from the platform. Wembley Central station, is on the Bakerloo underground line and the London overground train lines. On exiting the station, turn right and walk in an easterly direction along the High Road, past McDonalds and Burger King, to the Wembley Triangle junction and clock tower island. Turn left into Wembley Hill Road, cross the road and follow the pedestrian route across the White Horse bridge. Allow 15 minutes’ walk. Real time information: Wembley Stadium Wembley Park Wembley Central

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