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Goodenough College has provided postgraduate accommodation in London for over 75 years to thousands of postgraduates from around the world. It currently has over 600 members whose diverse academic, artistic and social interests create a unique and stimulating environment in the College's extensive facilities within leafy Mecklenburgh Square.

Goodenough College provides premier residential accommodation for its students and also quality short stay accommodation in a tranquil and exceptionally beautiful setting at Goodenough Club for senior academics and professionals visiting London.

he College was founded in 1930 as a residential college for students from The Dominions. Its aim was to improve international tolerance and understanding amongst people on the brink of their careers by providing a forum in which they could interact. The College has expanded greatly since that time and now consists of a community of 620 postgraduate students from over ninety countries.

The mission of the College today is as follows:

Goodenough College aims to be the residence of first choice in London for outstanding postgraduate students by offering a unique experience through stimulating intellectual debate, fostering cross-cultural activity and providing an exceptional social environment.

The College has excellent residential and study facilities. It also runs an extensive extra-curricular programme, which includes a conference series aimed at examining subjects of international concern. Its membership includes Visiting Fellows, who act as advisors to these conferences, and Goodenough Alumni, who have a more informal role as mentors and advisors to Members.

The College serves all the academic and professional institutions in London, where its Members study and teach. It maintains a loose balance between nations, as it does between the broad faculties of Medicine, Law, Business, Art, Science and Education. It is the first choice for scholars from a wide range of international schemes including Chevening, Fulbright, Commonwealth, Marshall and Beit.

Selection is based not only on the academic prowess of applicants but also on their ability and enthusiasm to contribute to the life of this unique College and, later, to their home countries. The College expects all those it selects to have the potential to rise to the heights of their chosen careers and, as a result, boasts an international alumnus of considerable achievement and influence.

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