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The Rising Sun or “Riser” as it was affectionately known is no longer run by
Dave and Ruth Roberts of the Pilgrim Brewery.

On May 30th 2006 the pub was bought by Young’s pub company:
The very next day Dave was told that his freedom to buy beers “free of tie” was being rescinded with immediate effect.

Despite a vigorous customer-driven campaign, (see which garnered 1000 signatures in the first week alone, protests outside the (now defunct) Young’s brewery, presentations to the Directors and widespread press coverage
Dave and Ruth were left with no option but to leave on August 14 2006.
An era of choice and variety had ended.

The pub subsequently re-opened and is now run as a tenancy tied to Young’s.

Despite requests made by the customers no products were retained and as the PR representative of Young’s was quoted in the local paper.

“If people don't like it, they can drink somewhere else.”

Sadly the marvellous community that was the “Riser” is, as a result of this corporate vandalism, no more. The community was destroyed by people who risked shareholders’ money, not their own, and we can only watch with interest what the outcome of their actions will be.

For Dave and Ruth it was a privilege to have been, for seven years,
the custodians of a pub which first opened its doors almost 200 years ago:
a time when the licensee could choose what beers he and his customers wanted.

For a short period the pub returned to those days of freedom of choice.

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