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I Am Not An I
Wed 24th Sep
I Am Not An I
Intellectual whirlwind fails to connect
Mad Tigers And Bears
Mon 2nd Jun
Mad Tigers And Bears
Intelligent journey into the mind
Events involved in
Permission Painted
Sex, Drugs, Therapy and Mayhem
writer / director
Impossible Steps
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Court Theatre
Reviews by Stephen Hunt
Britain's Got Bhangra, Britain's Got Joy and Vibrancy
Benchmarks, Some Comedy From Nothing New.
From Hair To Eternity, Just A Bit Of Fun
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Some Dazzling Movement Towards Shakespeare.
Miss Julie, A Misogynist At The Arcola
The Merchant of Venice, A pleasant and amicable evening
A Sense of Delicacy, Mihai Arsene, doing Roumania proud.
Missfit Mondays, Gerard Logan, virtuoso not misifit.
The Merry Wives of Windsor, Object lesson in comedy theatre
Enduring Freedom, Great cast but flawed project
Trojan Whores, I Could Not Suspend Disbeleif.