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Sketchageddon IV
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Reviews by Graham Trelfer
JESUS❤️LUCIFER: The Greates..., Heavenly musical of forbidden love
Reefer Madness, The truthiness of drug abuse
Flick & Julie: Pop-Up Penny..., Poking fun at Cameron's Britain
The complete works of Willi..., Get ye to a theatre
Pincher Martin, An impressive new operatic work
18th Birthday Opera Gala, Classical and Operatic Birthday Celebration
Lear, Long live our Queen Lear
ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE - Oper..., True love that transcends death
Othello, An Engaging Tale of Jealousy
RICHARD III by William Shak..., Cast of four creates all
THE MASSACRE AT PARIS by Ch..., A bloody Elizabethan theatrical B-Movie
Live Ghost Hunt, A freaky paranormal comedy show
Rom Com Wrong - Preview, Rom Com Wrong Done Right
Getting Away, A brilliantly observed relationship comedy
Midnight Matinees, A great opportunity, under used.
The Magic Cavern - late shift, A kids show at night
Getting Out, a fast paced character comedy
Wittank, Fast paced hyperactive gummi bears
Songs For A New World, 4 big powerful confident performers
King Herod and the Quest Fo..., A funny but confused comedy