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AboutWill review pretty much any theatre, but has a special passion for good immersive experiences and a special loathing for bad ones. NSDF 2003 Theatre Record Young Critics award winner. Has worked consistently as a writer and director since 2003.
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Matthews Yard
Reviews by Owen Kingston
Lamplighters, Go play spies with them
We Own Everything, Political comedy worthy of Brecht
Staying Faithful, Faith, Hope, Love and Oasis.
Thalia's Taverna, Tasty meze of theatrical beauty
Building Relationships, A perfect sliver of hope
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, A Love Letter from Iran
Edward Bond's Dea - World P..., Beauty is devoured by bitterness
Monorogue - Seven Deadly Sins, Sinful pleasure in perfect monologues
Such stuff as dreams are ma..., For those who love Punchdrunk
You Can Survive the End of ..., turns out, you can't
The Girl Who Fell in Love w..., Delightful work from unruly youngsters
Never Ending Night, Fear and Misery post Apocalypse
Up the Ante, Laddish comedy-drama with unexpected bite
The Thomas Clifford Show, Chat-show satire hits the mark
Lucy and the Party - Adult ..., Deliciously trippy cheeky evening out
Lucy and the Party - Kids V..., Delightfully bonkers quality family fun
The Flood by Badac Theatre, War is not much fun
The Enlightenment Café: New..., Real scientists make bad actors