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Reviews by Cameron Dunham
Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting: Smack, Crack and Pop
Stuff, The Millennial kids are alright!
Kafka's Dick, Kafka's Dick Towers Over Highgate
Work Makes You Free by Mich..., Pitch Perfect Play Packs Punch
The Return of the Marionettes, Hitting all the right notes
Red Riding Hood And The Wol..., Little Venice's Master of Puppets
Mary Queen of Scots Got Her..., Historical Horror hits Halloween Home-run
The Strange Case of Dr Jeky..., Highgate Horror has the formula!
Largo Desolato by Vaclav Havel, Enjoy the light touch, comrades!
Banksy: The Room in the Ele..., Eastender's solo operation homeless guy
Trainspotting, sex, drugs, shock and dole
Rupert & Me, The Odd Couple, nineties Style
Arabian Nights, Arabian nights gets reduced treatment
Treasure Island, Treasure Island, Pirates, Parrots, Booty
the Cannibal Valour rep season, Sex! Swords! Demons! Torture! Beards!