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The Ghost Train
Sun 16th Dec
The Ghost Train
An Old Fashioned Ghost Story
Autumn Music
Sat 27th Oct
Autumn Music
69 And Still Going Strong
Country Life
Wed 17th Aug
Country Life
Some secrets never stay buried...
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Michael Friend Productions ...
The Ghost Train
Saul Hodgkin
Autumn Music
Reviews by Chris Bearne
One was nude and one wore t..., Can Play? Will Play? Yes!
Road, Before again? Somehow a somehow
Orphans, Oh, brother, where art thou?
Phaedra, Racine's Phaedra deracinated in Hampstead
The Winterling, A Delight for all That
Quills, Feathers Flying in the Cockpit
Poe: Macarbre Resurrections, Dark Nights of the Soul
La Chunga, The world as a gin-joint?
Magesti, You can never go home
The Death of Tintagel, Magic in the Dark Tower
Gaslight, Go on, have an experience!
The Memory of Water, Sisters Do It for Themselves
A Yorkshire Tragedy, not so..., Nowt so queer as folk
Oliver Twist, All human life is there
Secrets, Honesty is the best policy
Susanna, From Youth to Middle Ages
Collision, We're not having this conversation
Kitty and Damnation, Morning Idyll and Matinee Idol
Damages, Knives drawn in Fourth Estate
Rasputin, Mad, bad and dangerous, too