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The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare
Tue 7th Feb
The Merchant of Venice by W...
The Merchant will reward you
The Tempest
Mon 31st Mar
The Tempest
Unpretentious Shakespeare for Business Lunches
Events involved in
The Merchant of Venice by W...
The Tempest
Reviews by Saul Reichlin
The Merchant of Venice, The Still Waters Of Venice
Mirrors, Frustrating Face In The Mirror
Mirrors, Devastating, Desirable and Dangerous Girl
Fairytales For Grown-Ups - ..., Baba Yaga! In Your Dreams
The Elephant Girls, Top Dogs (or Top Bitches?)
Fire and Phoenix, Of The Trials Of London
Wild at Heart, The Underbelly Of Happy N'Orleans
Chastity Belt, The Feeling Very Good Factor
Arthur Miller's Danger: Mem..., Tantalising Echoes of Arthur Miller
The two sides of Eddie Ramone, You’re Cruisin’, Eddie, Aren’t You?
Invitation to a beheading, Trust Me, I’m An Executioner
Madame bovary, All I Need Is Lurve!
Songs from a Suitcase, On The Road, Travelling Light
The Hare and the Tortoise a..., Not A Wooden Performance Anywhere
Happy Birthday, Wanda June, How About This, Kurt Vonnegut?
Autumn Music, 69 And Still Going Strong
The Wager, A secret and a rant
Bed, Sleeping With Strange (Old) Bedfellows
Being Tommy Cooper, Yes Indeed, Just Like That
Sofka, From Russia with Borscht .