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The London Comedy Writers
Reviews by remotegoat reviewer
Spine, A writing and acting masterclass
Khiyo Debut Album UK Launch, A lovely fusion of sound
Ernie - a One Man Play by J..., A beautifully executed one-man show
Guardians Of The Galaxy, Another Marvel risk pays off
Naomi Cooper: That's Probab..., A confident and funny performance
The Words I Should Have Sai..., A thoroughly enjoyable theatre experience
Sankofa! Festival, Raw theatre and untapped potential
Locke, British cinema at it's best
The Amazing Spider-Man 2, A solid if unspectacular effort
X Men Days of Future Past, An excellently crafted superhero sequel
Godzilla, Two-dimensional characters but three-dimensional fun
Misalliance by Bernard Shaw, Long but well produced comedy
James Sherwood, Good comedy and great songs!
Character, A funny, albeit flawed, script
Yada Yada K, A great night of comedy
In This House (A Family Bre..., a young girl's darkest secret
Hannah_27 Valiant Adventure..., Sex, Lies & Internet Dating
Rosie Wilby: Nineties Woman, When student feminists grow up
Non-Stop, Non-Stop Thrills with Liam Neeson
The Hunger Games: Catching ..., Beautiful, smart and ruthlessly gorgeous!