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Reviews by Christine Stanton
Taken In Marriage, Simplistic, Easy To Follow Production
Serial Killers, Humorous Parody with Sitcom Similarities
Modern Romance, Humorous Depiction of Realistic Lovestory
The Greenwich Comedy Specta..., Enjoyably Intimate Setting, Quality Comedy
rapture, Amazing Concept; Spectacularly Written Script
rock paper scissors: Write ..., Interesting Narrative, Very Talented Actors
Where's Your Mama Gone?, Great Premise For A Narrative
Avenue Q, Hilariously Whimsical and Controversially Imaginative
Bluebird, Interestingly Written Narrative, Realistically Portrayed
Face to Face, Spectacular Set Design, Interesting Narrative
Dna, Dramatic Narrative, Talented Young Cast
Baby, Controversial Storyline; Morals Versus Law
Tomorrow, Dichotomy of Intensity and Hilarity
The moment we met, Loving Romance Turns Disturbingly Dark
Thérèse Raquin, Illicit Affair Sparks Dramatic Downfall
The Blind Bet, High Tensions for Interesting Concept
Loaded, Fast-Paced, Comical, Action-Packed, Suspenceful Drama
Warehouse of Dreams, Contemporary, Dramatic, Wordy, Political Narrative
Creditors, Shockingly Sexually Charged Crazed Narrative
The Revenger’s Tragedy, Drama-Filled Typically Shocking Jacobean Narrative