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AboutI'm interested comedy, theatre and alternative music.
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Reviews by Andrew Taylor
Lethal Injection by Sarah G..., Powerfully staged death row drama
A Bowl of Cherries, Ill conceived, poorly structured musical
The Coffin is Too Big for T..., Modern take on Singaporean classic
Death Takes A Lover, Engaging and enjoyable gothic-tinged Victoriana
Ghetto Klown, Energetic, touching one man show
The History Of The Pomegranate, entertaining, engaging one woman show
Where's Your Mama Gone?, Brilliantly observed, moving, emotive theatre
Miracle, Dark, comedic and thoroughly enjoyable
A Hero's Journey, Weak narrative with entertaining moments
The Hound of the Baskervill..., Unusual twist on classic tale
The Expeditionary Force in ..., Brilliantly surreal oddball sketch show
The Yellow Wallpaper, finely tuned, emotive, poignant drama
Comedy News Hour, Funny, lively news based sketches
A Good Boy, enjoyable and quirky relationship drama
The Challenging Tide, well staged, poignant political drama
Improv Smackdown Internacional, wacky and absurd improvised fun
The Wall, poignant, powerful dialogue driven drama
Agamemnon, Engaging interpretation of Greek classic
Frog Morris Presents..., reasonable tunes in quirky venue
Stockholm, powerful, comic, full of energy