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Reviews by Malcolm Eadie
The Bevin Boys, Mining Drama Could Dig Deeper
Tea with Oscar Wilde, No tea but wit a-plenty
A Christmas Carol, Who Cares It’s Not Dickens?
Murder by Gaslight, Sugaring Over The Poison Pill
Paradise Lost (lies unopene..., One For Theatre Hybrid Fans
The Masks of Aphra Behn, The Thoroughly Entertaining Mrs Behn
DiaoChan: The Rise of the C..., Tart’s Tale Makes Disappointing Recipe
My Mother Said I Never Should, What girls are made of
In the bar of a Tokyo Hotel, Worth Seeing Despite Some Shortcomings
Noel & Gertie, Moving Tribute To Platonic Love
Dinner with Saddam, Farcical Genre Packs Intelligent Punch
Perfect Ghost, Missed Opportunities Of Unsung Heroine
Farewell To the Theatre, In The Spirit Of HGB
Bitesize Chekhov, Don’t tell anyone it’s bad!
The Singular Exploits of Sh..., Fascinating Study of Iconic Sleuth
Missing, Forcing The Audience To Think
Christmas Storms and Sunshi..., Bright Invention Shines At Christmas
Raggabones&House, Unrealised Potential That Still Entertains
Morbid Curiosities, Twisted Jackanory Crafted To Scare
Emilia galotti, Three Sterling Parts For Women