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Reviews by Matthew Partridge
Aye, Coyote!, Just a bit too experimental
Rush, Good collection of short plays
Blue, Unconventional show about mental health
Love Lab, Some satire but ultimately underdeveloped
Matt Green: Punch Up, Witty and self-depreciating standup comedy
Doll Face, Good dancing but needs reworking
OSCiLLATE, Energetic and original tap dancing
The Time Capsule - A Pick Y..., Solid execution of brilliant concept
Locked Up, Intriguing premise but falls short
Earthquakes in London, Magical realism and dystopian sci-fi
Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall, Dark satire about mental health
Constellations, Strong production of Payne's play
The End of History, Heartwarming mini-musical set in St-Giles-in-the-Fields
Hamlet, Experimental production sadly falls short
A report to an academy, Original idea but too short
Sugar Baby, Surreal and comic one-man show
The Parade by Loula Anagnos..., Excellent Turkish production of play
H.R.Haitch, Good effort but falls short
As You Like It, Courageous, but too many changes
You Can't Take It With You, Charming production of screwball comedy