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Gobby, Social Interaction at various parties!
A Child's Garden of Verse, Five Tales in a Garden
Red Riding Hood, The Wolf Steals The Show
The Water Babies, An entertaining and enchanting show
Twelve Angry Men, A Life in their Hands
Sweet Charity, Feel the Rhythm of Life
David Essex -The Rock Tour, That Saved This Eastern Soul
The Three Pigs and the Wolf..., A delightful afternoon for all
Skyfall, Action packed 007 movie suspense
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee..., The Queen and The People
The Ugly Duckling, The Not So Ugly Duckling
Dark Shadows, Goth and the 1970’s combined
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Salmon Fishing in the UK
All the Fun of the Fair, The Imperial Wizard of Rock
The Sooty Christmas Show, Sooty and Sweep at Christmas
Dangerous Liaisons, A modern day Dangerous Liaisons
Moneyball, American Baseball and Brad Pitt
The Rum Diary, Rum Te Tum Te Tum
Britney Spears: Femme Fatal..., Oops I watched it again.
The Gingerbread Man, Fun with The Gingerbread Man