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Reviews by Patrick Cash
Dizraeli and the Small Gods, a muscular yet spellbinding ambience
The Nine Lessons of Caliban, Thoughtful blend of performance poetry
Death's Cabaret- A Love Story, Excellent display of musical class
Romeo and Juliet, Wonderful start but loses life
Natural Causes, Dated play meets dated interpretation.
Word of Mouth, Sheer energy of spoken words.
Translunar Paradise, A real clarity of condition
Shakespeare Unbound and The..., It's quite the entrancing revelation
Bristol Cider Festival with..., Bristol, cider and the Mangledwurzels.
The Graveyard Slot, It appeals as it beguiles.
Rescue Me, No apter word than bizarre
The Country, It trundles rather than gallops
Theatre Souk, Extraordinary odyssey through modern drama
Soft Armour, Weird, wonderful exploration of issues.
The Big Uneasy, Interesting but not without bias
A Disappearing Number, Play deserves the word 'spellbinding'
The Universal, Not quite a universal project.
4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane, A short fall before psychosis.
His Spread Legs, Inspiring experiment, but not ready.
Cloud Dance Festival: Hush, An effervescent celebration of dance