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Catherine is a hard working, professional yet amiable character who is a firm believer in the view that vision & creativity make a production rather than the budget.

Catherine hails from Repertory Theatre and has appeared in over 25 theatre productions to
date within a wide range of roles from Shakespeare to Pratchett and many more in-between.

In addition to her theatre appearances, Catherine has also worked on numerous independent
films, TV pilots & radio plays, not only as an Actress but also as a Script Writer, Director,
Editor, Casting Director & Costume Designer.

Examples of her work as an Actress, Writer & Director are available for perusal online via her
website or her Youtube channel; Renski007

For full CV’s, pictures & testimonials, please see

Spotlight number: 6298-9082-0249

"Catherine impressed us in the auditions with a quick and easy grasp of a relatively
unusual character and only got better once we were on set…”

“…Catherine delivered on time an excellent first draft. I'm glad that I had the
pleasure to work with her and look forward to future collaborations."

"Catherine proved herself to be a truly dedicated professional. With a minimal
amount of rehearsal and preparation time she created a fresh interpretation of her
character and delivered a nuanced performance that shone out during the film.”

"Catherine Adams has the dedication, passion and above all talent to be one of the
top actors in the country. She has a certain X factor that most successful actors
exude but without the attitude. She put 110% into our production and definitely had
one of the standout performances."
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