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AboutJoined Equity 1964, acted in schools, reps, West End & Unity Theatre + some TV work. Preferring serious drama and intelligent comedy to musicals, I nonetheless enjoy most live theatre as well as a similar wide-range in films. Committed to encouraging actors & audiences with positive, fair reviews on 'The Goat' website.
Reviews by Arthur Duncan
Nick Harper: A Wiltshire Tale, exhilarating, value for money entertainment
Medea, Greek-style drama, spooky sound-effects, underground
Stolen, Entertaining story-telling for all ages
Reclaimed, a valuable piece of drama
How to disappear completely..., Excitedly Alive but Deadly Serious
People, Places & Things, Inspiring drama for theatre addicts
The Weir, Everyone likes stories, don't they?
13, Tremendous Scope for Mindful Audiences
The Accidental Adventures o..., Murdered Mysteries mixed-up with Mayhem
Colin's Head, Sexy script explores sub-conscious self-denial
A Doll's House, Scandinavian Scandal, Modernised, Intensified, Dramatic.
On the street where you live, Shameful Issues Enjoy Needful Publicity
THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA..., Bard’s Words with Cool Jazz
Our Town, “All Human Life is There”
TREASURE ISLAND by Robert L..., Festive fun but not pantomime
Our Country's Good, History, humour, drama and Art
A Taste of Honey, Bitter-Sweet, Angst-Driven Classic, Enthusiastically Acted
The Hostage Situation, Bizarre, intense, funny peculiar drama
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Docu-comedic-auto-bio-graphic-drama, truly brave, flies high.
Three For Two, Entertaining Stories Enlighten Human Concerns