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AboutPeformance maker, dance practitioner, writer and (Pop) Music/Art lover.
Reviews by Alex Malgua
The Featherstonehaughs: The..., The Featherstonehaughs gracefully bowed out
Macbeth, Lazarus Theatre Co..., A vigorous Macbeth staged darkly
Tom's, Sketty Productions, A brave lesson about adversity
The Featherstonehaughs, Exquisite piece of dance art
Breakfast With Emma, A tepid breakfast with Emma
Naughty! (Dance & Theatre D..., Naughy: danced frostily, acted amusingly
Tom Dale Company - Roam, Explosion of drum and dance
Othello, Pretty Othello needs some substance
Nobody's Home, Emotional journey with great potential
Skinless, Skinless it is, disappointingly so!
New Art Club, This is Now! Great Temptation
Resolution! programme 22, A glossy, punchy, unruly Resolution!
Multi-Story Improvised Theatre, Multi-Story Theatre but lazily improvised
The Housewives of the 1950s, Incomplete Housewives of the 50's
Maskerade, Welcome to an entertaining Towerworld!
Soviet Zion (showcase), A musical exercise staged bravely
The Off Cut Theatre Festival, And the best contender is...
Nursery Crimes The Musical, A sassy sound of music
Together We're Heavy, A hit in the making
Seedbed Platform, Simply, the one to watch