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AboutI am a member of Network Theatre Company in Waterloo.
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Couture Conscience
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A Midsummer Night's Dream
Opposites Attract by Bruce ...
Reviews by Eleni Young
SMASHER - Helen Duff, 'The Vagina Monologues' Wildly Reborn
Rebranding Beelzebub, Storytelling a it's most imaginative
The People Vs Democracy, Thought provoking, interactive political theatre
iScream, Miranda Hart has strong competition
Trainspotting, Disgusting, Brutal and Utterly Brilliant
Othello, Tragedy at it's Most Brutal
Play to the Gallery, A Peek Behind Rembrandt's Canvas
The Picture of Dorian Gray ..., Chilling, thrilling and thoroughly characterful
A State of Mind, Honest, raw and completely real
Miraculi, Artistic explosion of physical theatre
Whistleblower - the story o..., Rollercoaster ride of political theatre
DNAYS Present: The Wunderka..., Intriguing talks and comic improv
Flowers of the Field, Powerfully poignant and utterly raw
Killing Roger, Raw, honest, heart-wrenchingly beautiful production
Mugs Arrows, Deliciously dark, nerve wracking theatre
The Diary of A Nobody, Heart warming and ingeniously comic
The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Dicken's at it's Musical Best
Save me, Love like no other before...
Hamlet, Shakespeare at it's most Intense
Noel Coward's 'Still Life', Love at a Railway Station