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Blood Wedding
Sat 25th Jul
Blood Wedding
Good intention but tiresome production
The Beau Defeated
Fri 14th Mar
The Beau Defeated
Poor, Rushed, Lacking, Over Acted
The Beau Defeated
Thu 13th Mar
The Beau Defeated
Fringe, great, Fun, Ale, Sup.
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P45s in the Post
Candice Lanyard
The Beau Defeated
The Merchant of Venice
Reviews by Stacey Permaul
The Town Mouse and the Coun..., Beautiful puppetry fun for all
Theatre Breaks Festival, A pleasant new writing fix
Miss Julie, In its early stages still
Bed, What keeps us up tonight?
The Molly Room, Sadly under developed and slow
Meat, Visceral exploration of society's ethics
Cuckold's Fair, A very horny night out!
The Dark and Cavernous Walls, A rather ghastly ghost story
Up In The Air, A superb performance from Clooney