Request a review

Any event listed on remotegoat can request one of our review team attend and review the event.

So first you must list your event and once listed you'll be able to request a review.

Because we usually have many more reviews requested than we can cover, here are a few tips to help ensure you get the most from remotegoat:

1. Make sure, when you enter your event details, that you request a reviewer. We always like to feel wanted.

2. Everyone likes a bit of excitement, so make sure your event catches the eye: upload a good image and write a short pithy blurb. This will make your event stand out to our review team, as well as potential audience members, and hopefully you'll have them fighting over you.

3. List your event as early as possible this will make sure our reviewers diaries aren't full and it'll build their anticipation!

4. Don't give up! We're very popular people and we get invited to events both big and small all over the country. We want to be the best review site around so, if we aren't able to get to you this time, make sure you request a review for your next event.

Become a reviewer

remotegoat currently reviews over 100 shows a month and is asked to review many more.

We are constantly looking to expand our team of reviewers with articulate, event loving writers.

So if you have a passion for music, theatre, cinema or events in general, please learn more about becoming a remotegoat reviewer.


The Reviews Manager