"Fun, diverse and so sexy!"
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 07/02/11

Velvet Tongue proves to be the new, diverse and fascinating erotic literary salon hosted by the Erotic Award Winner poet and performer Ernesto Sarezale. Ernesto in his cute accent and hot pants explains to us that 'Velvet Tongue' is an advanced blowjob technique that entails warm liquid (tea and honey?) in the partner's mouth to enhance pleasure and one of Marilyn Monroe's favourites! The evening begins with Ernesto's 'I Told you', which is a performative anal fisting story, preceded by Sina Evil's wonderful autobiographical comic story (artwork by jonmacy.com), which is truthful, intimate and touching in its simplicity and roughness (Sina Evil also publishes the boycrazyboy zine, his work is really worth checking out www.boycrazyboy.com).

Then on stage we find the extraordinary Ant Smith, whose singing poetry and particularly his surreal 'Devotee' amaze me and leave me wanting more. Graham Buchan wants to go down on Scarlet Johansson showing passion and will, Marcus Reeves admits that he never swallows; he always spits and speaks about loving despair with humour and honesty. Mel Jones has an amazing stage presence and warns us: 'Just so you know before we start' and 'Fuck me if you think you are hard enough' (have you ever thought of stand up comedy, Mel?) Kevin Maxwell is a stage virgin and could be London's sexual tour guide, while Alan Wolfson's opening gag stays with me for a long time after (he shares with us the tantric position he tried the night before; it is called 'The Plumber', when you sit around for hours and nobody comes). Cathy Flower's sensational poetry, full of sexy consonants and luscious repetitions is breathtaking. The second part begins with the naughty Sarah Berry (or Sister Berry) and her burlesque version of Every Sperm is Sacred, which is funny and sexy and fun! I cannot take my eyes off Jonathan Kemp, whose startling prose and sexy physique could turn me into somewhat of a stalker (but don't). The evening ends with Ernesto's striptease ('Let's not Undress', which I have seen before at Behind the Bars and enjoy seeing again!), Natasha Moskovici's confessional encounter with a young man, Sophia Blackwell's sex we always end up having (because we miss the last bus home), Scarlet French's moving letter from a man to his male partner for their ten-year anniversary ('Fucking Happy Decade'), Mathew Stradling's short wonders of poetry; and finally the amazing, astounding, spectacular Sophie Cameron and her posh cunt (http://www.rrrants.com/PerformersPages/SophieCameron.htm). Although the evening runs a bit longer than I'd like, I think this is an event worth keeping an eye on if you are up for a celebration of the erotic, the hot, the sweet, the viscous, the carnal, the sexy, the provocative, the lustful and so on!

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