"Set entirely in a bathroom"
by Coco Hall for remotegoat on 09/03/13

Jack Thorne's play 'Mydidae', which has transferred to The Trafalgar Studios after a fantastic reception and sellout run at the Soho Theatre, continues to wow and surprise in equal measure.

The play which is set in a fully plumbed in bathroom is at terms jokey, claustrophobic and unnerving... and very, very dark at moments. A couple are shown getting naked - literally and metaphorically - as one day's events unfold. Although the couple are upwardly mobile and have a spacious bathroom with a clawfoot bath, there is an undertone of class conflict in the relationship. Marian is a posh former private schoolgirl, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and David (Keir Charles) is a bloke who used to go down the rec to watch cars burn. Both seem very natural with each other, they portray the nervy unease of a couple on the brink to perfection. There is an undercurrent in their comedy coupley banter - setting it above just another 'Him and Her' type comedy. Something's coming but you are not sure what.

Although they don't have any secrets from each other on a physical level, their minds are unknown to each other. David speaks of wanting to crawl into Marian's head to find out what she's thinking. Marian won't stop talking, David's pitch at work has gone wrong and his seductive attempt later goes wrong too, leading to a genuinely surprising and sickening act. A final act explains why what has happened, happened. I found this a bit unnecessary - enough hints had come through earlier about what the conflict was really about.

But this is the best play I have seen in a long while.

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