"hilarious and rude improv show"
by Sam McCaffrey for remotegoat on 18/02/13

Found upstairs in a back corner of the Adelphi pub in Leeds, the monthly improv show from The Discount Comedy Checkout is not one to be missed. Over two hours of fun, games, sketches, prizes and hilarity are to be found, all that and a great selection of beer and food to go with it.
To start things off there's a comedy sketch to get the crowd warmed up, this time it was an x rated version of driver safety, and then the format is very similair to the popular television programme 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', a host controls and directs four comedy artists in games that involve scenarios and suggestions shouted out from the crowd. There's a wide variety of games including almost all the favourites from Whose Line.
The comedy is creative and crude, quick and quirky, the performers commit completely to the games and create funny and fantastic characters at a moment's notice. Eddie French in particular keeps the sketches chugging along manages to find comedy in places it shouldn't really belong.
If you're idea of a great night is a few pints and giggling at a rude, crude,Yorkshire version of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' then look no further than The Discount Comedy Checkout at the Adelphi .

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