"Fraud, finance and fine wine"
by Michael Gray on 08/02/13

Who'd invest £10K in wine they'll never get to taste ? Greedy bankers, for a start, and the choice Malvasia in question gives this intriguing new polyglot play its title.
Shakespeare knew it as Canary, and the wharf where it landed is now thronged by traders in other investment opportunities. One moral of the tale is that they are just as greedy, just as unscrupulous, as the pirates who sailed under the flag of the Virgin Queen.
She puts in a memorable appearance here, as do Mad King George, Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Palin. El Draque, Sir Francis, becomes banker Bob Drake [John Cobb] who sets up the investment with various financiers and fraudsters, but loses everything, seduced by false Madeira and the glamorous Master of Wine [Sophie Millon]. Paddy Burton plays Jason, the smooth-talking expert, and Josefa Suárez is the counterfeiter who ages the bottles, dyes the wine and fakes the provenance. They all play many other roles, as the action switches from London to the US to the Spanish Main.
This unique, enterprising company celebrates diversity of language and culture, and the striking set design has a discreet surtitle screen for the moments when the dialogue strays into Spanish or French.
They're touring the UK till the end of the month, then taking Canary Gold home to Tenerife in April.

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