"Dicken's at it's Musical Best"
by Eleni Young for remotegoat on 19/12/12

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

December is normally Panto season, along with everyone's favourite Dicken's book, A Christmas Carol. Well, after seeing 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood,' I think we are going to have a new favourite.

Now, it might not be your typical Christmas show, but if you're looking to watch a show that's vibrant, belly aching-ly hilarious and if you happen to love a bit of audience participation, then this is the show to go to.

Walking into the auditorium, we step inside what appears to be a 19th century theatre. The stage is adorned with a beautiful proscenium arch, tables and chairs for the brave audience members who really want to participate and an orchestra.

Performed in the style of an old music hall, this show performs the novel beautifully. Each character so elaborate and defined, from the evil John Jasper to the delicate and lovely Rosa Budd, the cast is only completed only by our own compere/narrator, Mr William Cartwright the Chairman. But this is not any old performance. For those who are Dickens' swats, this novel was never finished. So, what do they do? The audience decide the ending and how the mystery really ends!

A show that performs for nearly three hours (including the interval) this performance is fast paced throughout. The music and singing is impeccable and well suited to the period, every member of the cast, orchestra and the techies behind the scenes, encapsulates the period perfectly, throwing everyone back to 1892.

I wish I could say more, but that would ruin the show for you. This show will leave you giggling, singing and dancing your way home.

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