"story told with great charm"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 17/12/12

Starchild is an Oscar Wilde story that has been adapted and directed by Linnie Reedman - with music and lyrics by Joe Evans - the duo who wrote the highly successful version of Great Gatsby at the same theatre earlier in the year.

Two woodcutters lying in the Gutter, gazing at the Stars see a shooting star which appears to fall to earth. One of them rushes off and finds a little baby in a silver cloth covered in stars and believe that this is a star baby. One of the woodcutters is about to leave the baby to die in the snow, but the other takes it home to his wife and his other children and they decided to adopt the child and bring it up as their own.

However the child turns out to be conceited and selfish because he believes he is very special having been sent down to earth by a star and he treats the animals in the forest and his adoptive parents and their children really unkindly. Then he meets a beggar woman who tells him she is his real mother and he turns her away with curses - refusing to believe he is the son of a beggar woman.

Because of this, terrible things happen to his beautiful face and form and he has to suffer a series of awful punishments until he becomes a decent person again.

Shades of Dorian Grey. Beauty of face can live along with ugliness in the heart.

A story that appeals directly to the emotions, it is a children's story told with great charm and enough content to interest people of any age. The cast play many parts - human and animal -and they dance and sing to some unusually tuneful music with lyrics that utilise Wilde's own words. Several instruments are involved and played by cast members - Accordion (Will Barrett) Clarinet(Naomi Bullock) Violin(Claire-Monique Martin) and of course composer and musical director Joe Evans at the piano.

Other members of the cast are Alyssa Noble, Barnaby Brookman, and Tristan Pegg. There is also the sepulchral voice of a Sorcerer played by James Lloyd Pegg. The Starchild is played by a pretty platinum blonde girl Peta Cornish who looks the part dressed in white robes with silver stars. An inspired piece of casting.

Design is by Christopher Hone and costumes by Bella Mundi.

A friendly show with a touch of magic - a lovely way to spend a morning!

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