"That Saved This Eastern Soul"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 26/11/12

“It was Good ol’ Rock & Roll, that saved this Eastern soul. It was Good ol’ Rock & Roll, that dragged me from below. ” “Gonna Make You a Star,” “Every cloud’s got a silver lining”; these are some of the lyrics written by David Essex, who has a loyal following of fans, which spans four decades and also encompasses new generations of fans.

Born David Cook and now David Essex OBE, David opens the show with a relatively new song, comprising the lyrics, “It’s a beautiful day and I feel good.” Dressed in an outfit including a three quarter length coat, he goes on to sing, "City Lights" and then "Lamp Light", a great follow on sequence as was the whole of the set.

David includes, "Imperial Wizard", a song about Imperialism. The strong beat, words and passionate delivery make it an astounding song. There is a magnificently drawn picture on the front cover of the single, (and album) of a wizard, but there is not included a picture of David, which may have affected record sales. Also performed is a relatively new song entitled, "Dangerous" which has an amazing tune. It is taken from David’s most recent show, "All the Fun of the Fair".

The composition of the band is great, with electric keyboards, drums and two guitarists. Admirers are kept happy with the regularity of David’s tours, being given the opportunity each year to see him in concert or in a theatre production and this year Backstage Pass tickets are available for some dates of the tour. Both concert tickets and Backstage Passes are very reasonably priced. The latter includes photography opportunities, although it is not stated whether this is with David or of David and the band doing a sound check.

David described his audience as, “Brilliant”. What is more brilliant than ever, is the intermittent video recording on the screen at the back of the stage, covering some of the films that he has starred in, some stage performance and some music videos. The show is extremely well put together and is a tender experience on the emotions.

The scheduling of the tour could have been better. On two occasions the tour runs for seven days in a row, with fourteen shows in fifteen days, which can be quite demanding for singers and other artists alike. In addition to this the tour involves repeatedly travelling up and down the country. Also on the evening, one member of the audience was videoing with his pocket camera and proved to be a distraction, but everyone had a great time.

The Rock Tour brochure is filled with fabulous pictures, from the 70s and current piccys. (No pictures with the top of peoples’ heads out of the frame.) The brochure opens with a handwritten letter from David. Also available at the stall is a Rock Bag, which includes sticks of David Essex rock. I feel a few songs coming on..."Hey, Rock On"...."On and On".

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